Stefano Tarantola

Stefano Tarantola

Joint Research Centre

Stefano Tarantola is a Scientific Officer at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. He graduated in Nuclear Engineering and received his PhD in Science and Technologies for Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1996. He works at the Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre conducting methodological work and pre-normative research in the field interoperability of smart electricity grids and electric vehicles. He currently runs the living lab for testing digital energy solutions at the JRC Ispra and Petten sites testing and applying methods for policy-making based on citizen engagement in the field of digital energy in support to the Directorates Generals of the European Commission and other European Institutions. He has experience in simulation modelling and quasi-Monte Carlo methods. He is author of 80 papers in the peer-reviewed literature, and co-author of four books on sensitivity analysis. He has contributed to the dissemination of sensitivity analysis organising summer schools, training courses and conferences.

  • Traveling
  • Hands-on works
  • PhD in Nuclear Engineering, 1996

    Polytechnic of Milan, Italy